Personal Brand & Impact

Personal Brand 

“Brand New You”

We can help you shape and market your personal brand.

Your personal brand is an extension of who you are, and the means by which people remember you and your business.

It encompasses your business ethos, personal appearance, communication skills and online presence. and allows you to build trust and credibility, as well as customers and marketing opportunities.

A strong personal brand needs to be recognisable and consistent.

It matters, because if you don’t take control of how people see you, someone else will.

Making an Impact

“Stand Up and Be Heard”

These are comprehensive courses designed especially for women who want to be heard, and seen, as a highly credible, authoritative communicator.

You’ll learn to speak with composure and confidence, as well as project the appropriate image for your environment.

Confidence is something that many women want, but don’t know how to get. Yet we need to embrace our abilities and our value, and have self-esteem, to be successful.

Without it, we are less likely to seek promotion, speak up in meetings, and rise into leadership positions.

Learn how to make the right impact and how to project the right image and protect your brand.

During this interactive course your role as a communicator, influencer and decision maker will become clear, but in a relaxed and safe environment.

Discover how your personal communication style affects what you do, and how it impacts on others.

Topics covered can include:

  • Self care; taking care of yourself, looking good – feeling good, handling stress & anxiety, importance of friends and networking
  • Confident communication; overcoming nerves, writing for speech, presenting with panache, thinking on your feet, telling your message effectively
  • Making an impact; dress for success, developing your image & brand, public speaking techniques, how to stand out from the crowd, assertiveness training
  • Resilience; dealing with rejection & isolation, staying focused, following up on projects, being honest
  • Men vs Women; how we communicate differently, identifying weaknesses & playing to your strengths, breaking stereotypes

The interactive sessions will benefit any woman who wants to enhance her personal profile, communication and interpersonal interactions, and raise her level of confidence in or out of the workplace.