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Writing for Media

You want to be heard, but you want to make the right impact and impression. Most of the time, you don’t get a second shot at getting it right on air or in the press, so with good media training, you can make the most of an opportunity to shine and get your message across accurately and succinctly.

Knowing what catches the eye or ear of a journalist is a skill, and when you become a reliable and trustworthy source, the media will return to you again and again for commentary in your field of expertise.

We’ll help you:

  • Know what to say to get yourself noticed…in a good way!
  • Clearly define your message
  • Know how to respond to difficult questions
  • Know how to ask the right questions
  • Learn to control the interview
  • Don’t be misquoted!

As a journalist, Alison has been both sides of the fence, and can teach the subtle, yet important, skills involved in steering an interview in the direction you want it to go.