WIBN Conference 2018 – The Networking Summit

I thoroughly enjoyed acting as MC at the Networking Summit on September 21st in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport. Founded by the incredible Siobhan Fitzpatrick from Catseye Coaching and WIBN Ireland and with an array of amazing speakers and masterclasses, it certainly helped everyone to #GainTheEdge when it came networking.

Here’s attendant Jean Evans CMP @Jean_E_Evans with her thoughts…

“Last Friday 21st, the inaugural Networking Summit took place in Dublin. Brainchild of @Siobhán Fitzpatrick who had the vision and courage to start something that is here to stay! To say that it was a fantastic event, is quite the understatement. There are so many nuggets and fantastic information that has come from the line up of exceptional speakers @Catherine Moonan @Kingsley Aikins @Joseph McGuire @David Russell and the inspirational Joanna O’Riordan, all MCed by the lovely @Alison Comyn. Different information will have resonated with different people and then we all did your own masterclasses. For my part, I wanted to share some of the take-aways and I hope that the conversation can continue with other attendees sharing what they learned and what value that took away from the day. So ‘my ask’ – if you attended and have other points to share, please add them on in the comments! Thanks 🙂

Roll on next September for the 2nd Networking Summit.

#GainTheEdge #TheNetworkingSummit

Networking is the single most impactful thing people should learn as part of their education. And it’s not taught anywhere…until now! “