MC – The Networking Summit

I’m thrilled to be involved in yet another amazing event in Ireland this September.

The Networking Summit on Friday 21 Sept 2018 will welcome 150+ business drivers focused on enhancing their communication, networking and performance skills and #GainTheEdge through interactive sessions with thought leaders in their fields.

You will also be motivated and inspired by TedTalk speaker Joanne O’Riordan, No Limbs No Limits who shows us ‘There’s always a way’.

I was lucky to meet Joanne when she was the keynote speaker at a Women in Sports lunch I hosted a few years ago, and she is not to be missed!

In fact, she received a standing ovation following her stirring and powerful speech.

‘I live each and every day with the attitude of I can and I will achieve,’ she said, her massive personality shining from the stage.

‘We should apply this mindset not just in our daily lives but our sporting lives too. People like Katie Taylor have shown us that if you live for a dream and fight for a dream, that dream will ultimately become a reality.’

Joanne is one of only seven people in the world with Total Amelia, a condition which has left her without arms or legs.

This has not held her back in any way, and it was an honour and a pleasure to hear how she has overcome the odds to achieve so much in her short years.

‘Of course, like anything in life we all have obstacles or barriers to overcome,’ she continued. ‘Some are more obvious than others and while we each strive to do the best and be the best we should never forget that we are part of a wider team.’

‘I have been extremely lucky to have the support of my family and friends over the years to allow me reach my goals because lets face it if we are given the opportunity to excel we ultimately allow ourselves to become the person we want to be,’ she concluded.

There are many more wonderful speakers throughout the day, and they will hold masterclasses giving delegates the opportunity to gain valuable insights from these industry leaders.

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